Windows Phone Tip – How to Configure counters for Email Folders

I don’t know about you but one of the most useful features on Windows Phone, for me, is tiles. Tiles are very powerful and I’m constantly surprised how I miss some of these features when I need to use another device.

I have a bunch of Email accounts as you may have, that range from work email, personal email, spam box etc. With Windows Phone 8.1 you now can create different folders to group some of your tiles. One of the first groups I created was Email and place all of my accounts in it. And it looks like this using the medium size Tile:


The cool thing about this tile is that its not static. It shows you the number of new Emails by Account. And when I expend it, it looks like this:


Sorry for the edits, but I’m trying not to convert all of my email to “spam boxes” Smile

You will notice that as I expand my Email folder, I see different counters. Now… the not so obvious fantastic feature here is that some of these Tiles are not Email accounts but specific Folders on any given Email account. What this means is that I can create a bunch of email rules to separate my Emails by whatever rule I wish, and then I can Pin a specific folder to my  Home Screen, and from there either put it in a folder with other tiles or just leave it there at the Home Screen if that is what I want.

So, how do you do this? Very simply Open one of your email accounts and press the “…”  option on the bottom of the screen:


Then select the option to see folders:


And finally Show all Folders:


Doing this will show you all folders you have configured on your Email box. Now all you need to do is Tap & Hold the folder you want to monitor individually, and do a pin to start


And that’s it. You can now keep the Tile on your Home Screen, move it to a folder, resize the Tile, and enjoy Smile


Hope this Tip is as useful to you as for me.

Feedback is welcome.

[pt] Microsoft MVP Showcase 2015–Portugal (22 de Abril 2015)

Nada como começar o blog com uma notícia da maior importãncia. Vai decorrer este mês de Abril, na Microsoft Portugal, o evento Microsoft MVP Showcase 2015. Este evento é organizado e apresentado pelos Microsoft MVPs de Portugal, que com base na sua área de especialidade e sua experiência no terreno, vão apresentar um conjunto de sessões técnicas muito interessantes.

O evento é gratuito, e uma oportunidade para conhecer o programa Microsoft MVP, os próprios MVP, conhecer algumas das novidades mais recentes que têm saído de Redmond e como estão a ser usadas na prática. Vamos ter uma área dedicada “Ask the Experts” para que possam falar connosco, para nos conhecer e colocarem as vossas questões.

1 Dia, 25 Experts, 14 Talks Técnicas e muito Networking

Quando: 22 de Abril 2015

Local: Mapa

Rua do Fogo de Santelmo, Lote 2.07.02
1990 – 110 Lisboa (junto ao Oceanário)

Para mais informações acerca dos oradores e agenda e registo:

Atenção que as vagas são limitadas. Reserve já

Mandatory First Post

Hi everyone,

This is my new place to start a well overdue blog. To the people that don’t know me, my name is João Cardoso, father, husband, Microsoft MVP, former Nokia Developer Champion, amateur photographer, developer, community moderator, AciNet co-Founder, event organizer, speaker (not as much as I should) and now blogger again.

Not much else to say other than, stay tuned. 🙂