Microsoft releases Windows Developer Virtual machines

Microsoft has just released a set of Virtual machines, for Parallels, Hyper-V, VMWare and VirtualBox that are configured with all the tools to start developing, that has no expiration date!

The only thing you need is to input your Windows 10 Pro license and you are ready to go.  Get the here the developer ready non-expiring virtual machines.

You still have the option to use the free evaluation version of the VMs

The contents of the VMs:

  • Windows 10 Pro, Version 1607
  • Visual Studio 2015 Community Update 3 (Build 14.0.25425.01)
  • Windows developer SDK and tools (Build 14393)
  • Microsoft Azure SDK for .NET (Build 2.9.5)
  • Windows Bridge for iOS (Build 0.2.160914)
  • Windows UWP samples (September 2016)
  • Windows Bridge for iOS samples
  • Bash for Windows
  • Read more at the official announcement

    Xamarin.Forms 2.3.2 – Error: "Unable to find a version of Xamarin.Forms compatible with…"

    After updating to the latest version of Xamarin.Forms you may get an error related with Android project.

    If you do so, you may get this error because Xamarin.Forms is targeting specific version of Android packages and by doing an update to all packages, a more recent versions of Xamarin.Android.Support is installed. That may not be compatible with Xamarin.Forms version you are installing.

    To make a quick fix on this, just remove all Nuget packages from the Android project and add again Xamarin.Forms. Doing so will add the proper dependencies and the error will be fixed.

    Update all is not always a good choice I guess.