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How do I qualify as a US importer of record?

How do I qualify as a US importer of record?

To qualify, your company must be an active U.S. importer (imported goods within the past year) with an active U.S. Importer of Record ID (IOR) and have a (valid) registered continuous import bond with CBP. Canadian companies that have been designated a Non-Resident Canadian Importer also qualify. [3]

Beside above, How to become a foreign importer of record in the US? To become a foreign importer of record in the U.S., your business will need a Customs Assigned Importer Number. Imports into the U.S. will also need to be covered by a customs bond. [2]

Besides, Does the importer of record own the goods? Only the owner or purchaser of the goods being shipped or a Licensed Customs Broker can act as the Importer of Record Does the Importer of Record Own the Goods? When it comes to actual ownership of the goods being imported, this question regularly comes up. [3]

Besides, Do I need a customs broker or importer of record? If it is your company’s first time dealing with imports, you may very well want the expertise of a Customs Broker or Importer of Record. Depending on your industry, your IOR should be an expert in your field as far as shipping, logistics, and compliance services you may require. [3]

Beside above, What are the duties and responsibilities of an importer of record? Foreign company with a customs assigned importer number The duties and responsibilities for an importer of record are the same regardless of individual or company. The IOR must ensure their imports are compliant with CBP and other government agency regulations. [2]


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