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How do upgrade to Windows 10 using MDT?

How do upgrade to Windows 10 using MDT?

  • Download 20H2 ISO image. Download and run the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to create the installation media in ISO format.
  • Extract files. Right-click the ISO file we just downloaded,and choose Mount to mount the image into a local drive.
  • Create install.wim from install.esd. ...
  • MDT Setup 1 – Add Image. ...
  • MDT Set up 2 – A New Task Sequence. ...
  • Client Upgrade. ...

Likewise, Can I install Windows 10 on my MDT? If you have download Windows 10 Version from Volume License Center you don't need to follow this step. If you have download Windows 10 from Microsoft Software download you must followi the instructions to be able add the OS in your MDT Mount the ISO file that you have downloaded. [8]

In this manner, How to upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise x64 RTM using MDT? To initiate the in-place upgrade, perform the following steps on PC0002 (the device to be upgraded). On PC0002: Start the MDT deployment wizard by running the following command: \\MDT01MDTProduction$ScriptsLiteTouch.vbs Select the Windows 10 Enterprise x64 RTM Upgrade task sequence, and then click Next. [9]

One may also ask, How do I perform an in-place upgrade in MDT? MDT includes an in-place upgrade task sequence template that makes the process really simple. In-place upgrade differs from computer refresh in that you cannot use a custom image to perform the in-place upgrade. In this article we will add a default Windows 10 image to the production deployment share specifically to perform an in-place upgrade. [9]

Then, How do I create a Windows 10 task sequence in MDT? Using the Deployment Workbench, select Task Sequences in the MDT Production node, and create a folder named Windows 10. Right-click the new Windows 10 folder and select New Task Sequence. Use the following settings for the New Task Sequence Wizard: [9]


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